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SunStyle®: The fully roof integrated photovoltaic module

Inspired by the slate roofs in the Swiss Alpine region, the SunStyle® solar roof was developed with a diamond-shaped pattern. This enables the careful integration of the solar tiles into the roof landscape, while being waterproof and robust, even at higher to alpine altitudes.

The SunStyle® solar roof impresses with its low profile that fits seamlessly into existing and new roofs, even in complicated roof shapes with many penetrations.

Many installations exceed the energy needs of the property, so excess energy can be stored or fed into the local grid, giving you energy independence. Look forward to the future of roofing with SunStyle® – where beauty, efficiency and innovation come together.
SunStyle roof structure showing solar modules, substruture and dummy shingles

SunStyle®: Mounting concept

Sunstyle® dragonscale layout

Sunstyle® mounting principle