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TEXEP’s goal is to develop new technologies for the generation of electricity and drinking water, available everywhere and at any time.
TEXEP continues and expands on a 45-year company history. The entrepreneurial spirit of two generations, father Mario and son André Posnansky, led to the realisation of pioneering projects through the companies they founded and managed: Solaire France Sàrl, Solaire Suisse Ltd and Sunstyle Ltd.

View of Google’s new Bay View
Campus; Photo: Iwan Baan

“Our goal is to develop, industrialise and apply new technologies for the generation and storage of electricity and drinking water.”


André Posnansky

CEO and Owner
Alexander Müller, Managing Partner at TEXEP

“Sometimes a standard product just doesn’t cut it and you want a tailor-made solution. However, nowadays it is hard to find someone who listens to you, understands what you want and who will go for you the extra-mile, comming up with an answer, driving the coordination and implementation. You will find it at TEXEP!”


Alexander Müller

Member of the Executive Board and Partner

Serge Bosca, Head of Engineering at TEXEP

“If we have the financial capacity to search water on Mars, we surely are also able to extract and provide clean water in arid regions on Earth!”


Serge Bosca

Head of Engineering

On the history of the founder of TEXEP

Sunstyle Ltd

Sunstyle Ltd was founded in 2007 by André Posnansky and managed for 15 years; during this time, it developed the patented Sunstyle® solar roof of the same name; it realised numerous pioneering projects with this product. André Posnansky sold the company at the end of 2021; convinced of the Sunstyle® solar roof, TEXEP continues to use it for certain building-integrated applications.

Google Campus in California

Under the leadership of André Posnansky, Sunstyle Ltd developed the active building envelope for the two Google campus projects Charleston East and Bay View in close collaboration with Google, the architects from Heatherwick Studio and BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). The solar roof system was further developed so that it can also be used for curved roof surfaces. The use of special glass to avoid reflections and the development of a colour technology to customise the colour of the solar tiles in collaboration with Saint Gobain (Germany) and Solvis (Croatia) met the aesthetic and technical requirements of the architects and Google. The project included the manufacture and delivery of over 90’000 active and inactive tiles and associated fasteners.
Miniature model of the Google HQ canopy

Model and image: Henry Milner Ltd, London

Close-ups of solar module mockups

Sample coloring and glass surfaces; Image: Sunstyle Ltd

Villa Behnisch in Stuttgart
Yonder – Architecture and Design; Image: Brigida González, Stuttgart

Kindergarten Buildings in Ipsach with SunStyle roofs

Kindergarten Buildings in Ipsach
Bauzeit Architects GmbH, Biel; Image: Andreas Buschmann, Zurich

Solaire France Sàrl

Solaire France Sàrl was founded in 2007 by André and Mario Posnansky with the aim of developing and realising the Saint Charles Solaire power plant in Perpignan, France, on a turnkey basis. The Saint Charles Solaire power plant, realised in 2008-2011, is still the largest building-integrated solar power plant in the world, with an output of 9 megawatts, a surface area of 70’000 m² and 97’000 solar tiles installed. Today, TEXEP is the parent company of Solaire France Sàrl and holds a stake in the Saint Charles Solaire solar power plant.
Roof landscape of Saint Charles Solaire in Perpignan during the day. In the background mountains are visible.

Saint Charles Solaire solar power plant; Image: Solaire France Sàrl

Solaire Suisse LTD

Between 2007 and 2015, Solaire Suisse Ltd, under the leadership of André Posnansky, realised a large number of turnkey solar projects as a general contractor. With Solaire Suisse Ltd, customers received a “one-stop shop” solution that ensured the highest level of quality from the initial consultation to the finished project. As a result, Solaire Suisse Ltd created unique and groundbreaking references. In 2015, Solaire Suisse Ltd was renamed Sunstyle Ltd.

Roof landscape Saint Charles Solaire, Perpignan
Photo: Solaire France Sàrl